Contour Path (Table Mountain)

  • Hiking Time: 2 hours (up and down – you can stretch this hike to Constantia Neck if you want, which will obviously will take you longer)
  • Region: Table Mountain, Cape Town 
  • Fitness level: 1 to 2
  • Technical Difficulty: A

Contour Path Hike - Table Mountain. Pic & copyright: Miriam Mannak (All Rights Reserved)

This hike is a favourite simply because you can do it almost every day and any time of day (weather allowing, of course), with or without dogs and kids. The first bit – getting from Table Mountain onto the Contour Path, requires some effort but once you are there the hike is flat and effortless.
I usually walk up until the Silverstream Ravine before making my way down to Tafelberg Road. Depending on the time you have on your hands, you can walk all the way to Devil’s Peak or Constantia Neck. This will obviously take you a bit longer.

Directions:  The path starts to the left (look out for sign) at the second hairpin on Table Mountain Road.

Fore a detailed description of the Contour Path Hiking Route on Table Mountain, if you want to walk all the way to  Constantia Neck, click here.

Please stay safe while hiking up and down our beautiful mountains, and read some of the safety precautionsRather be safe than sorry, we always say! :-)  

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