One Day Hikes

This page will slowly fill itself with all sorts of one-day hikes in and around Cape Town (this time frame includes driving time from Cape Town CBD to the destination, the hike itself, and driving back to Cape Town). With time, these hikes will be grouped into regions.

Krom River Hiking Trail (Boland)
The Krom River Hiking trail are situated in the Limietberg Nature Reserve, a little over an hour outside of Cape Town. It is an easy out-and-back trail which starts in Du Toitskloof, immediately after the Worcester exit of the Huguenot Tunnel. Keep an eye out for the emergency exit (Hiking sign) on your right. Permit holders can park at a fenced parking area. This parking area can also be accessed from the Worcester side near the tunnel control truck stop. The trail all in all take five hours or so, depending on how slow or fast you are. Click here to read more about the Krom River Hiking Trail.

 India Venster Hike (Table Mountain)
India Venster is one of the most beautiful and exciting hiking routes up Table Mountain. Yes, it is a tricky one with quite a bit of scrambling, and nothing like Platteklip (which is rather boring). This route takes between 2 to 4 hours, from foot to summit and it is recommended that you are in relatively good shape as India Venster will put level of fitness to the test. The route has the image of being dangerous. Well, you follow the trail’s indicators (yellow foot prints and green or blue spray paint marks) and and use your common sense, you should be fine. Click here to read more about India Venster

Boegoekloof Hiking Trail (Boland)

This kloofing hike starts as part of the Boland Trail. The hike begins with a long gentle hike up a forest road. Eventually you will have to follow the signs to Boegoekloof and Suicide Gorge. You will have to swim, jump, kloof, wade, hike and climb but all this energy will be rewarded with a fantastic day out and about  in the Boland. The scenery is lovely, the mountain’s fantastic, and the water refreshing. This hike is perfect for those who seek some action on a warm summer day. To read more about this hike, click here.



Please post your own one ‘day hiking experiences’  in and around Cape Town here after you register (which can be done here). We need your input to make this site an endless pool of hiking knowledge!


Please stay safe while hiking up and down our beautiful mountains, and read some of the safety precautions.

Rather be safe than sorry, we always say! 🙂